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Escape Artist
Bucks County’s Jason West prepares to defend his title at this year’s Escape Philadelphia Tri.
A Laughing Matter
Kevin Hart rose from humble beginnings to become the biggest name in comedy, and he’s not even close to being satisfied.
Blood in the Water
A summer blockbuster-to-be from the mind of Philadelphia-born Steve Alten gives audiences yet another reason to stay out of the surf.
Taking the Wheel
Monster Jam competitor Brianna Mahon proves motorsports aren’t “just for the guys.”
Reaching New Heights
Philadelphia’s Tarik Moore, who’s on his way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, prepared his journey with half-mile hikes during his lunch break.
A Big Hit
Rhys Hoskins’ remarkable rookie season was one for the history books, and it proved him to be a star in the making. So what does he have planned next?
Strong Words
Bucks County author Chris Bauer goes for the throat with his forthcoming thriller, Jane’s Baby.
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